Course Information

In general, course work required for an engineering degree consists of three groups. The first involves general education course such as English, humanities and similar categories. Completion of your AA, AS or transfer diploma will fulfill these requirements at the UNC engineering programs. Beyond general education, engineering requires advanced science and mathematics courses such as calculus based physics and calculus through differential equations. Finally there are your engineering courses. These columns list which NCCCS schools offer the last two categories since every community college offers the needed general education.

  • Engineering Courses: Depending on the engineering discipline, in general it is best to complete EGR 150 (introduction to Engineering, EGR 220 Engineering statics, and DFT 170 (engineering graphics) prior to moving to a UNC program.
  • Calculus based physics: this is a two semester sequence comprised of PHY 251 and 252. In general they are often prerequisites for many engineering courses at the UNC programs. As a result, it is best to complete these prior to enrollment at a UNC program.
  • Mathematics: Engineering programs grant mathematics credit beginning with calculus I. Pre calculus and college algebra credits are not a part of engineering degree courses. Since MAT 271 (calculus I), MAT 272 (calculus II), MAT 273 (calculus III), and MAT 285 (differential equations) are often prerequisites for engineering courses, it is important to complete these prior to enrollment at the UNC engineering program. Often in areas like industrial and electrical engineering, MAT 280 (linear algebra) is also required.